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Gilead Sciences, Inc. Director, Finance-FP & A in Shanghai, China

Gilead Sciences is continuing to hire for all open roles. Our interview process may be conducted virtually and some roles will be asked to temporarily work from home. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be implementing a phased approach to bringing employees back to site to ensure the health and safety of our teams.

For Current Gilead Employees and Contractors:

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Job Description


  • Support to Forecast, estimation, budgeting, long ranges plan on the level of consolidation for the therapeutic areas, business lines and company

  • Organizing and conducting Plan and Review communication with business, country and global stakeholders.

  • Challenge and validate the planning assumptions and assure the planning logic and plan quality.

  • Deliver reports, files and decks, follow proposals on revenue, opex and HC with analytics vs estimation and budget in required time frame.

  • Support the decision process and influence the execution and monitor the operational focus and provide solutions, illustrate the strategic and business impact with the analytics

  • Contribute the financial insights and analysis in functional projects in collaboration and commitment with team mates in a flat and agile organization. Business Partnering

  • Drive efficient resource allocation, execution and results achievement cross functions

  • Support the patient access and market access programs

  • Support the projects in business transformation

  • Support launch programs of products and commercial initiatives.

  • Support Global Commercial Finance initiatives, and other Global functions in projects and assigned tasks

  • Work closely with Controllership, Procurement and other finance functions Management and Pharma Industry Experience

  • Strong leadership commitment with proven track

  • Excellent professional and functional capabilities with solid foundations

  • More than 10 years in Healthcare industry, and no less than 5 years finance FPA management experience in relevance to Products launch, organization expansion, change management, business modelling, digitalization, e- channel

  • Strategic thinking and enterprise mind set

  • Excellent communication to deliver complex messages in concise, simplicity and clarity to targeted audience.

  • Model team player working effectively in a matrix organization and environmental dynamics.

  • Exemplar behavior with hands on with proactivity; offer solution and deliver result with positive attitude in challenging situation

  • Expect to be experienced in business and financial planning in the therapeutic areas such as virology, oncology

  • Professional qualification, Education and skill

  • BA or BS degree, in finance, business, economics or equivalent degree in computer science, data analytics

  • Top MBA graduates and / or CPA, CFA, preferred.

  • Fluent, concise and expressive English and Chinese

  • Reporting line:

  • Direct report to China Head of Finance

  • Strong working relation to other CFO organizations, especially China controllership


  • 支持治疗领域、业务领域和公司整体在财务方面的预报、估算、预算、长期计划及整合分析

  • 组织和制定与业务部门、中国管理团队及全球相关联方团队对商业计划沟通,回顾和汇报

  • 挑战及验证计划假设,并确保计划的逻辑和质量

  • 在规定时间内提供关于收入、运营成本和人力资源投入的分析、报告、及跟进方案建议

  • 支持决策过程并影响执行,监督流程中的重点并提供解决方案,并通过分析来阐明战略和业务影响

  • 在扁平且灵活的组织中与同事紧密合作,在相关业务部门项目中提供财务分析和洞察业务合作

  • 能在跨部门间高效地推动资源分配、执行落地并取得成果

  • 支持患者触达和市场准入项目

  • 支持业务转型项目

  • 支持产品启动和商业计划项目

  • 支持全球商业财务计划项目以其他全球性的项目和任务

  • 与财务、采购和其他财务关联部门的紧密合作管理和制药行业经验

  • 领导力方面在过往具有出色的表现

  • 良好的职业素养和扎实的专业基本功

  • 在医药行业有10年以上的相关经验,并且有不少于5年的财务分析管理经验,涉及新产品上 市、组织扩张、变革管理、商业模型、数字化、电子渠道等

  • 具备战略思维和企业家思想

  • 出色的沟通能力,可以用简洁和清晰的方式向目标受众传递复杂的信息

  • 出色的团队精神,能在复杂组织和多变的环境中有效地开展工作

  • 积极主动,在充满挑战的情况下能够以积极的态度提供解决方案并交付结果

  • 期待能有在抗病毒,或肿瘤等领域的业务支持和财务规划的案例经验专业资格,教育和技能• 文理科学士学位以上,商业、经济、计算机科学、数据分析专业,公共卫生管理等相关专业

  • MBA或CPA、CFA持证者优先考虑

  • 流利,精准和富有表现力的中英文水平汇报线

  • 直接向中国区财务负责人汇报

  • 与其他财务相关团队保持高度联动,尤其是与中国Controller

For Current Gilead Employees and Contractors:

Please log onto your Internal Career Site to apply for this job.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that has pursued and achieved breakthroughs in medicine for more than three decades, with the goal of creating a healthier world for all people. The company is committed to advancing innovative medicines to prevent and treat life-threatening diseases, including HIV, viral hepatitis and cancer. Gilead operates in more than 35 countries worldwide, with headquarters in Foster City, California.